About Eat Out In

Why Do Our Customers Think We Rock?

  • Eat Out In is a locally owned company. We live here just like you.
  • Over 27 Years in the Food Delivery Business. Who else around here can say that?
  • Delivery from only the best local and national restaurants.
  • We make food delivery and catering simple and easy.

It All Started with a Simple Idea...

Our goal from day one has been to make restaurant food delivery and event catering simple and easy. 27 years later, Eat Out In has become arguably the best food delivery and catering company in Austin and San Antonio.

Hosting a corporate event? We have you covered. Breakfast in Bed? We'll meet you at the door. Room service not cutting it at your hotel? We can do better. Eat Out In is here to make your life easier. All you have to do is login, create an account or give us a call.

We Support Our Local
Community and Nonprofits

Home grown and locally owned, we believe in giving back to the community we live in. it's the people of this area who have helped us prosper over the years. We feel it is our neighborly duty to help those around us when they are in need.

Eat Out In has donated food, services and funds to the following nonprofits:
Austin Children's Shelter, United Way, Dell Children's Medial Center, CASA, Blue Santa, Dress for Success, Public Access Radio.

You Love'em, We Love'em...The Eat Out In Staff

    • Jackie Davies - Founder / Owner

      Jackie founded Eat Out In, the nation's first multi-restaurant delivery service, in 1986.   She was a busy professional who had become way too familiar with the pizza delivery guy and dreamed of having other fine foods delivered to her door.  Jackie didn't keep dreaming though because that's just not in her nature. Instead, she brought that dream to life and Eat Out In was born! Read More

    • Angela Kruchten - General Manager

      Angela is the Captain of this unique bunch.  Resourceful and tenacious, Angela is our go-to gal when you need information or to get something done.    Her ability to conquer new and unfamiliar tasks with the directive to "make it happen" is unparalleled.    With her bountiful talents, we are fortunate to have this multi-tasking master leading Team Eat Out In!! No matter what new challenge ... Read More

    • Daryn Alston - Executive Vice President of Operations & Sales

      As a customer service fanatic, Daryn keeps clients and our restaurant partners happy. He is an excellent ambassador for our passion and committment to get things right. With over 14 years in restaurant management, Eat Out In was delighted to add Daryn to our team when our paths crossed 12 years ago. Behind the scenes, he's known ... Read More

    • Benjamin Paxton - Operations Manager / Austin

      Ben is the Coach of Team Eat Out In and our Secret Agent working on special projects.  He oversees our organization, evaluates performance and develops innovative ways to keep us operating at peak levels.  This outstanding leader is an inspiration to the greater team and cultivates a drive for excellence. Ben has a superb ability to see situations from all angles and quickly identify solutions. Read More

    • Amy Komurek - Catering Coordinator

      Amy is our Party Planner extraordinaire! She coordinates various weddings, social galas & corporate events by working closely with clients. Amy has an obsession for flawless customer service and is known for the endless letters we receive praising her efforts. In the 12 years Amy has been showcasing her talents at Eat Out In, she has received ... Read More

    • Todd Byers - Operations Manager / San Antonio

      Todd is the Ringleader of our San Antonio division.  You will find him smack dab in the middle of marketing, sales, restaurant acquisitions, purchasing and everything else.  Todd grew up in San Antonio, relocated to Austin & after over a decade in the semiconductor industry he found his way to Eat Out In 6 years ago. Read More

    • Jennifer Binder - Evening Manager

      Jennifer manages the evening crew and the hiring of the rock stars who make up team Eat Out In.  She has a great calming influence with a professional & positive attitude.  Jennifer is probably most known for taking FULL advantage of our no dress code policy when she started working part time for us 9 years ago. Nobody knew the person they were talking to on the phone back then was at work in her pj's and slippers (NO KIDDING)! Read More

    • Angie Garrett - Executive Director of Marketing & Media

      Angie manages all of our marketing & social media platforms. She's dedicated to sharing our most recent news & sending out our message to the masses. On a daily basis, you will find her updating our social media, coordinating marketing efforts with our restaurant partners, updating restaurant menus (an incredible feat by itself) and much more. She is uniquely creative & multi-talented known for her fresh perspective & enthusiasm in bringing our marketing efforts to light. Read More

    • Christopher Reid - Senior Dispatcher

      As a Lead Traffic Controller Christopher is responsible for directing traffic so to speak and keeping Eat Out In's gears moving smoothly. He's a real pro at coordinating & routing deliveries as well as helping drivers/contractors navigate through challenging conditions and situations. Actively monitoring each delivery, he remains quick on his feet in order to steer/maneuver through the complexities that mother nature & life pass his way. Once a part-time contractor, he got hooked and we snatched him up for a full-time position years ago.

      Christopher is an interesting chap with a thirst for knowledge and an intrigue in other cultures and worldly things. A loyal comrade/confidant, he enjoys spending time with friends, checking out local venues and healthy, thought provoking discussions. When Christopher takes time off, he'll most likely be traveling.

In The Press

We've been doing some pretty interesting things here at Eat Out In Check out the articles written about us below to learn more.

In The Press


We don't like to brag about ourselves, but hey, we can't help it if other people like to. We work hard year after year to provide the best food delivery and catering to the people of Austin and San Antonio, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

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